Remote office as a service

What we do

We help you provide coworking spaces to your employees without the hassle of seeking a coworking space, dealing with contracts and taking care of each individual payment every month.  


Our team will scout coworking spaces close to your employees that suit your preferences.


You will save you time as we manage communication with coworking spaces, connecting your employees directly with their workspace.


There will be a single contract between you and DeskSpace, and DeskSpace will deal with all the coworking space contracts.


You will get only one invoice, while we will handle payment to the coworking spaces.

What is the process

Phase 1

You give us the cities where you have employees, we do a quick search and give you a detailed price estimate.

Phase 2

If you like what you see, then we tailor the search further to each of your employee´s needs and preferences, including your budget. And make you a concrete offer.

Phase 3

We sign the contract and you don’t have to take care of anything else from here. We do all the work.